Machine Tool Relocation and Installation of Equipment


Relocation and Machinery Moving

Every machine tool, except perhaps the most massive built-in giants of machine tools, can expect to be moved at least once during its productive life. Machinery moving is usually dictated more by the changing logistics of the plant than the machine tool. The CNC-DOCs will relocate your machine quickly, efficiently and ensure its return to full pre-relocation productivity — all with the least amount of interference with normal plant floor activities.



CNC-DOCs assist you in every step of the way in the quick and safe installation and start-up of your machine tool.

We’ll assist in proper location, placement, leveling and alignment. Once installed, we ’ll help with set up and operation for your specific needs. We’ll assist and advise regarding issues such as linear or box ways, spindle alignment and balancing, tool changers, pallet systems and tooling issues.